Louvre Map

Explore the Louvre effortlessly with our concise map. Find key exhibits, plan your route, and make the most of your museum visit.

The Louvre Museum Paris is a grand and majestic creation that will confuse you if given the chance. After all, without prompting, how can you navigate a structure large enough to hold thousands of objects of art?

You can access the Louvre Map to make your life easier; it is available in person when you arrive at the entrance.

It will be your guide to the many Louvre entrances (Glass Pyramid, Carrousel du Louvre, Passage Richelieu, and Porte des Lions) and the various wings (Richelieu, Denon, and Sully), all of which have strategically curated art to be previewed.

Louvre Museum floor plan

guide to the louvre collections

To provide you with a rough overview of what the map offers, keep note of the following:

  1. Of the Louvre entrances, the Glass Pyramid is the main one, from where you can head directly inside and take advantage of the interconnected wings to explore your options.
  2. The Richelieu Wing includes Near Eastern antiquities and Decorative Arts on Level 1, as well as sculptures, though those are on Level 0 as well. Level 2 boasts paintings from Northern Europe and France.
  3. Sully Wing’s Level 0 also offers Near Eastern antiquities (but from a different time period) and Greek and Egyptian antiquities. Level 1 has prints, drawings, and Greek, Etruscan, and Italian antiquities. Level two has more paintings, this time from France.
  4. Lastly, the Denon Wing has a large collection of African, Asian, Oceanic, American, Near Eastern, Egyptian art, European Sculptures, and Roman Antiquities on Level 0 to Italian, French, and Spanish Paintings and Islamic Art on Level 1. Level 1 also boasts the Galerie D’Apollon, The French Crown Jewels

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