Discover Unique Souvenirs at the Louvre Museum Shop

Discover treasures beyond art at the Louvre Museum Shop. Find unique souvenirs and exclusive mementos to commemorate your cultural journey.

The Louvre Museum shop is called the Book and Gift Shop and is located at Allée du Grand Louvre. Open every day other than Tuesdays from 10 in the morning to 6:30 PM, and until 9:45 PM on Fridays, it hosts a wide selection and variety of baubles and souvenirs for a person looking to take a small part of the Museum with them.

Louvre Museum Merch & Gifts

Visit the Louvre Museum shop for a world of creativity and find exclusive treasures that reflect the wonder of this incredible institution, such as books about art, copperplate engravings, and even prints made with a unique savoir-faire!

On the other hand, there are other options for souvenirs, too, such as the Salon Denon on Level 1 of the Denon Wing, the Denon counter on the Mezzanine under the Pyramid, and the Hall Napoléon, which opens for temporary exhibitions.

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