Louvre Parking

Discover convenient parking options near the Louvre Museum. Make your visit stress-free with easy access to secure and nearby parking facilities.

The Louvre Museum Paris allows people who drive themselves to the Museum, for lack of a better option, access to a car parking near Louvre Museum at an underground location, specifically at 1 Avenue du Général Lemonier.

Louvre Museum car park in Paris

From there, you can enter the Museum through the Galerie du Carrousel entrance, directly accessible from your Louvre parking from 7 AM to 11 PM.

If you reserve your spot earlier, you can be assured of discounted rates after booking your ticket, making it easier on your intended budget. Reservation begins at €25, and there are also competitive rates for day passes, week passes, and even monthly passes for the most dedicated visitor.

Moreover, reduced car park rates are offered to visitors with disabilities, so remember to have that handled if it applies to you at the area for visitors with special needs that you can get to under the Pyramid.

cars parken close to the louvre

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