Louvre Entrance Fee

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Tickets Information

The Louvre tickets price for adult visitors is 32€. You can book Louvre tickets online at our website for any day with an open reservation.

Moreover, the exhibition price is included in the ticket, though the reservation of a free slot is required, so you’ll have to decide quickly if you want the perfect date and booking for your Louvre official tickets.

The ticket you buy online will only be valid for the date and time you book it, so remember that when you book Louvre tickets online.

There are other ticket options, too, such as audio guide bookings, group tickets, and workshops, though those require a little extra on top of the ticket price for a fair addition to the visit, from around €9 to €12.

One important thing to note about Louvre tickets is that free entry options are available if those suit you. For children (those under 18) and residents of the European Economic Area aged 18-25, admission will be free.

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